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Summer 2013 interns at HP Labs – Mostafa Uddin


Contributed by Simon Firth, freelance technology journalist


Mostafa-Uddin_June-2013.jpgMostafa Uddin joins HP Labs this summer from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, where he recently completed the second year of a Ph.D. program in computer science working in the Smart Wireless and Mobile System Lab under the direction of Dr. Tamer Nadeem. A native of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Uddin received his BS in computer science and engineering from BUET (the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology), and then worked for four and a half years as an industrial software engineer before moving to the US. Already a published author, Uddin also runs My Programming World, a blog devoted to cool hacks for Android devices.


HP: What kind of work were you doing before starting your Ph.D.?

I first worked in mobile research at AfriGis, a South African technology company, where I developed a GPS-based navigation system for Nokia mobile devices. Then I moved to KAZ Software, helping develop Orbitax, a software program that multinational companies use to optimize transnational cash flows in compliance with different countries’ tax laws.


HP: How did you decide to apply for an internship at HP Labs?

My Ph.D. focus is in mobile computing and wireless networking, looking at kernel-level development with the aim of creating new communication protocols for smart devices. I had a paper that looked at ranging for Android devices accepted to the Percom 2013 conference and my HP Labs mentor, Jeongkeun Lee, read it. He was interested in my knowledge at the kernel level and thought it could be applied more generally to improve wireless communications.


HP: What are you working on while you are here?

I’m working in the Networking Lab, looking to try and develop better communications controls for mobile devices, especially the uplink communications that go from mobile devices to the access point or controller .


HP: What have you appreciated most about working here so far?

Well, I’ve already met some really cool people, many of whom are really well known in my field. Also, it’s been really good to see how industrial research actually works – it’s more product-based than I’m used to, so that’s interesting. It’s also challenging, because in academia you are looking just to get published, but here you have to build whole systems and come up with prototypes that work!


HP: Anything surprised you about HP Labs?

Yes, my cubicle is very close to Bill Hewlett and David Packard’s offices. It was really surprising – and inspiring – to find their workspace so close to mine. I wasn’t expecting that.


HP: Any thoughts about how your internship might impact your future studies or career?

I haven’t decided yet on the research problem that will be the subject of my Ph.D. thesis, and something may well come out of the questions that I am working on here. Also, when I started my Ph.D., I was more interested in pursuing an academic career, but I felt it was also really important to explore the industrial research side of my field, too. I’m really here to learn more about that.

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my loves for you , congratulations. we pray to the Almighty Allah for your continuous success and achievements.

well done my loving son in law.

engr faruque ahmed.sylhet,bangladesh.


Thanks for your comment, Mr. Ahmed! We're glad to hear that Mostafa's family is cheering him on!


-- Martina Trucco, HP Labs

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