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The Next Iteration of Memory for The Machine


Today HP and SanDisk announced a new partnership with exciting implications for The Machine. The partnership unites HP’s Memristor technology and know-how and SanDisk’s ReRAM technology and manufacturing and design expertise.

Working together with SanDisk, we’re aiming to create a new Storage Class Memory technology. We hope to use this new technology in The Machine and we’ll also be working together on near-term enterprise-wide solutions for our customers.

The Machine will reinvent computing, knocking the current model, which has stood unchallenged for sixty years, back on its heels. It is Hewlett Packard Labs’ most ambitious project and will bring together breakthrough improvements to technology ranging from non-volatile memory to photonically-enabled fabrics; from workload-specific processing to a full suite of open source developer tools.

Because memory is the heart of The Machine, we’re excited about this new partnership and what it holds for the future of Memory-driven computing at HP.

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