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(VIDEO) Spotlight on: The Machine project and Memory-Driven Computing



The Machine project, and the Memory-Driven Computing that powers it, have a multitude of applications. One of the most exciting is how they will help power tomorrow's AI-driven enterprise. Watch Labs Chief Architect Kirk Bresniker, Sharad Singhal, HPE Distinguished Technologist Mike Woodacre, and HPC CTO Eng Lim Goh outline the ways new architectures will make AI more useful and exciting.

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Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs


I watched the video in which Kirk Bresniker, reached in his shirt pocket and pulled out "...a dot-product engine, an array of memristors..."

Regarding that "array of memristors", I wonder if you could tell me if it is related in design to 3-D XPoint memory from by and from Intel, and if so, how so.


Hi @dubina - thanks for your comment and question! Although we wouldn't be able to comment specifically on someone else's technology, we can say that the "Dot Product Engine" you asked about is not related Intel technology.

You can read more about Dot Product Engine here:

Thanks for reading!

- Martina, HPE