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Analytics for Human Information: HP IDOL 10.6 just released: a story of something bigger

DahyeHuh ‎05-08-2014 06:39 AM - edited ‎02-19-2015 01:33 PM

Under the direction of SVP and General Manager Robert Youngjohns, this past year has been a time of transformation for HP Autonomy—with a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction, breakthrough technological innovation, and culture of transparency. Internally, to emphasize the importance of this fresh new thinking and business approach, we refer to this change as #AutonomyReborn. When I look back at my time here, I believe the rebirth of HP Autonomy is reflected none so greater than in our flagship, foundational technology, HP IDOL 10.


You may be familiar with IDOL from the Autonomy days, prior to the HP acquisition. Autonomy IDOL 7 was a platform for understanding and analyzing unstructured information – text, image, audio, and video. IDOL underlay much of Autonomy’s broad portfolio of solutions. It was a great technology, in many ways ahead of its time, but like the company Autonomy, IDOL sometimes suffered from lack of clear strategic direction, transparency, and customer engagement.


HP IDOL 10, released under HP’s stewardship, reflects in many ways the transformation that has occurred under HP.  IDOL 10 is fundamentally different from Autonomy IDOL 7 in the same way that HP Autonomy as a company differs pre- and post- acquisition. They may share the name IDOL, but the differences are so vast from both strategic and technology points-of-view that we consider IDOL 10 a wholly new product from IDOL 7, and not just a version update. HP sees IDOL as a strategic pillar of HAVEn – HP’s comprehensive big data platform – and isn’t shy to use its vast R&D resources to invest heavily into the technology.


One of the things that you can reliably expect from IDOL 10 is rapid innovation with quarterly releases. The previous release, IDOL 10.5, focused on strengthening our big data analytics features, such as integration with Vertica and Hadoop, which you can read all about here. The current version, IDOL 10.6, was released on May 2 to all customers that have current IDOL support contracts. It can be downloaded from our customer download center.


What’s new in HP IDOL 10.6

  • IDOL Site Admin: We have made huge strides in IDOL 10.6 to improve manageability. IDOL Site Admin is a new site-wide management dashboard that allows full monitoring and control of all IDOL components, even across multiple servers and datacenters, or virtual datacenters in a cloud/hosted model. IDOL Site Admin provides a secure mechanism to manage each component by encapsulating each component’s built-in IDOL Admin User Interface.


  • Eduction redaction: It is often necessary to identify information that may be sensitive or offensive to the organization, and redact that information to protect the privacy of users or ensure compliance. One of the key features of IDOL 10 is its ability to recognize hundreds of entities in multiple languages, including multibyte languages such as Chinese. With this new function, IDOL can automatically identify and redact profanity or sensitive data, such as information related to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), before or after indexing, so that the wrong information is never displayed when someone searches or accesses the file.
  • Automatic time zone conversion: In today’s global 24/7 news cycle, reactions are swift and ever-changing. If you are analyzing breaking trends or reactions to your company news at a global scale, it can be a challenge to reconcile information across different time zones in real time. IDOL automatically normalizes all time zones into one common view (e.g., Pacific Standard Time), so that all information represented is from the same timeframe. This would allow you, for instance, to quickly calculate the number of likes or comments you have received globally as you progressed through the day.

As an ongoing commitment to the quality of our release, IDOL 10.6 also includes a number of important bug fixes.


Those are just a few of the highlights included in 10.6. There will be a more in-depth 30-minute webcast on IDOL 10.6 on May 28 and 29, broadcasting at different times to accommodate our global audience. I hope you can join and learn about all the exciting new capabilities in HP IDOL. Register here for AMS, EMEA, and APJ times.


If you are a current IDOL 10 customer, click here to get started with HP IDOL 10.6.


You can also review this datasheet to learn more and watch the video below to hear Jeff Veis, our VP of Solutions Marketing, talk about IDOL 10.6.






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Da Hye Huh serves as the Director of Product Marketing for Autonomy IDOL.

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