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2nd CPU installation problems - BL20p G2

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2nd CPU installation problems - BL20p G2

Hi all

I just bought a 2nd CPU for my BL20p G2 server. However, after installing both the CPU (with heat sink) and the voltage regulator, but server doesn't boot anymore.
Well, it kind of starts up. The green lights on the front panel turns on, but in addition the red health light is also on, and I can not see anything on the iLO console.

Are there any additional things I need to do when installing that 2nd CPU?

Some help is greatly appreciated.


James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: 2nd CPU installation problems - BL20p G2

Heyya Thomas !
Obviously something wrong with the CPU/Heatsink/PPM or they are not seated properly.

Try reseating. Swapping with the primary CPU/Heatsink....Etc

Cheers !
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Re: 2nd CPU installation problems - BL20p G2


First: Thanks James for your suggestions.

I had a second look at that CPU I received after reading this document:

It appears I received a 3.06GHz CPU while I have a 2.8GHz CPU in my server already.
I guess I have to wait for a raplacement CPU before doing another test.
I hope it works then.