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3 HBA per server

phat tran_1
Occasional Advisor

3 HBA per server

I would like to have 3 HBA connection per blade:  2 FC port to SAN and 1 to Tape Library.

BL460G6 with 2 mezzanine card = 4 HBA per server

Interconnect Bay : with 2 of  8GB 20-Port FC modules.  Bay 3 and bay 5 , ( move Bay 4 to Bay 5 just to see is it work)

vSAN10 , vSAN20 to SAN .   

vSAN100 to Tape library

uplink to FC switch is good, have flogi login in all 3 vSAN port 


Down link to Blade mapping  I have problem with . 

Bay 3    vSAN100 Mezz1:1 => Bay3:d1


Bay 4                    Mezz1:2 => Bay Null

Bay 5                    Mezz2:1 => Bay5:d1

Bay 6                    Mezz1:1 => Bay Null

Bay 3  vSAN10     Notmapped

Please advise. 

Thanks in advance.