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3Phase c7000 power questions

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3Phase c7000 power questions

Richard had an installation question from a customer:




Is there a pointer to a document that describes the 3 Phase color standard used on the c7000 International Power Module -   413381-B21 HP BLc7000 3 PH Intl FIO Power Mod Opt?

I have a site that the electrician is querying how the plug should be attached (the original Hubbell connector was removed for cable routing and needs a Clipsal plug fitted).

I don’t have the plug colours in front of me but I’m assuming these would be the US common practice using black/red/blue/white-grey with green-yellow earth as listed below?


Colours are - Red, Black, Brown, Blue and Green/Yellow according to the customer.

Can anyone confirm the wiring requirements please?


Can anyone confirm this please?




Scott sent this info:








Richard replied:




That table was the link I originally provided in the source email but it does _not_ include the Red, Black, Brown, Blue and Green/Yellow combination.


I think the following will be sufficient for the sparky


As per the site planning guide:


The international 3 Phase models are the 403318/9 and are 4 pole, 5 wire RED.  When wiring a 3-phase enclosure, phase rotation is unimportant. However, the rotation must be consistent for both plugs.






Any other input?