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Accessing fa0 on Cisco 3020 from a blade server

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Accessing fa0 on Cisco 3020 from a blade server

On a c7000 with 4 Cisco 3020 blade switches, I find that I can access the fa0 management interface on 3 of the switches but not the one that I am also using for access from within the chassis itself.

From what I understand, my traffic is going from the blade server to the blade switch, out to another switch, to the OA port and to the internal fa0 port on the Cisco 3020. Evidently, when the client (blade server) tries to access fa0 on the same 3020, something gets dropped.

Is there way to configure the 3020 so that this connectivity is possible?

Do I need to create a vlan interface so the blade server can get to an IP directly without having to leave the switch and return through the OA port. I prefer to leave the automatic IP assignment by OA to fa0 if possible.


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Re: Accessing fa0 on Cisco 3020 from a blade server

I think You must connect first to OA and there to cisco.

from OA cli "connect interconnect [bay]"

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