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Adding a FlexFabic LOM blade

Eric Schimek
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Adding a FlexFabic LOM blade

I'm looking for some information regarding what changes, if any, I might need to make to add a BL620c G7 to my existing setup.
The existing setup consists of 2 c7000 chassis with 3 BL860c Integrity blades, 3 BL870c Integrity blades and a BL480c blade. On the backplane I have 4 Cisco MDS 9124e Fabric switches and 4 Cisco CBS 3120X IP switches.

From the document searching I have found so far all it talks about are the VC-Ethernet modules for the backplane but nothing about working with what I have existing.

Before executing a PO for the new server I need to find out if my existing infrastructure can handle it.
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Re: Adding a FlexFabic LOM blade

I'm assuming that this thread being so old, you already figured this out, but the 3120X is fully supported with G7 blades. You wll just get a pair of 1Gb NICs rather than the 10GB CNAs