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Adding second Onboard Administrator module to c3000

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Adding second Onboard Administrator module to c3000

Al had a customer question about adding a second OA to a c3000 chassis:



Customer purchased a second OA for their c3000 chassis, P/N 488100-B21, but is having trouble removing the blank panel from the enclosure OA sleeve because there is no pull handle. Is there a release mechanism for this?


Jeroen provided  the answer:


Your customer should have ordered the new sleeve as well if he has an old OA sleeve module; then you just can’t fit in the new OA at all. That only works when the customer would order/have already the new designed OAsleeve/tray. Its documented in the QuickSpec for the OA module.
Or does your customer has the new OA sleeve/tray already?


Al replied:


Good point. This chassis has been onsite for about 1.5 years, and my not have had that option configured at that time.



So, keep in mind that things move on and new parts come into play. Any comments or questions? Do you have both old and new Onboard Administrator modules and they work together well?