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Addming memory to BL480c G1

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Addming memory to BL480c G1

Hello, hoping someone can answer a quick question I have.  I currently have an old ProLiant BL480c G1 with 12 2GB memory chips installed.  I would like to add memory and have a quote for 8 4GB chips.  I am currently at 24GB RAM and I found this models maximum memory is 48GB, so I was wondering if I could mix the 8 4GB chips with 4 2GB modules with no issues? I would be ok with the 32GB of memory but if I could up it to 40GB by leaving 4 2GB chips in I would like to that.




Re: Addming memory to BL480c G1



Please see the DIMM Installation Guidelines.

PC2-5300 Fully Buffered DIMMs (DDR2-667) running at 533 MHz
Memory must be installed in pairs
Maximum 64 GB (8 x 8 GB) or (6 x 8GB + 4 x 4GB )


The following configuration requirements apply to all AMP modes and also apply to single-rank and dual-rank FBDIMMs:
All DIMMs must be PC2-5300 Fully Buffered DIMMs (DDR2-667) running at 533 MHz.
Both DIMM slots in a memory bank must be populated.
Banks must be populated in sequential alphabetic order, starting with bank A.
Both DIMMs in a memory bank must be identical. Therefore DIMM pairs in the same memory bank must have identical HP part numbers.
Multiple advanced memory protection (AMP) modes are supported, based on FBDIMM population and RBSU selection. The server blade defaults to Advanced ECC.


I hope the below given configuration works:

Slots    = 1A    2C   3E   4A   5C   6E   7B   8D   9F   10B   11D   12F
DIMMs = 4      4      2      4     4      2      4      4      2      4         4         2


Good Luck!

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