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BL20p G3 + QLA2312 Boot from SAN

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Arthur Kao
Occasional Advisor

BL20p G3 + QLA2312 Boot from SAN


I have HP BL20p G3 and QLA2312 HBA adapters running RHEL4. I am wondering with this setup, is it possible to boot from SAN? Another admin told me it's not possible unless I own QLE HBA cards. Furthermore, if it's possible, where can I find some documentation on this topic.

Thank you.

QLogic PCI to Fibre Channel Host Adapter for QLA2312:
Firmware version 3.03.19 IPX, Driver version
Jimmy Vance

Re: BL20p G3 + QLA2312 Boot from SAN

Change the boot order in RBSU and make the QLogic adapter before the embedded disk controller.

During POST when the QLogic card ID's, press CTRL-Q to get into the QLogic FASTUtil, select the adapter, go into the Configuration Settings and then Adapter Settings and enable the BIOS. Press escape and go into the Selectable Boot Settings. Enable Selectable Boot, arrow down to the (Primary) Boot port name, Lun and press enter, select the LUN your going to boot from.

Escape back to the main menu and save the settings

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