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BL35p Health LED RED

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BL35p Health LED RED

We have a bunch of old BL35p blades which are not in HP support.

We just started using these blades again after a long time.

Most of the blades are coming up with RED Health check LEDs after three or four days of operations. If I shut them down - then they never start up (cannot power-on). All of them now are stuck with RED Health LED.

I have tried resetting the 6th switch in SW1 to remove NVRAM errors. Upgraded ROM (A03), iLO Firmware (1.92), blade and PS firmware (2.4) - to no help.

When I glance from the back of these blades in the enclosure - they have two LEDs blinking - pulled the blades out to check what the LEDs were - on the motherboard - it says - OVER TEMP. Temp is not a problem - its chilly in front of the enclosure (around 65 F).

The only difference between these blades and the ones running is OS with HP PSP installed (on the working ones). These non-working ones did not have any OS on them while they were running in the enclosure initially.

Nothing in the iLO logs or Integrated management logs.

Thank you,
Chris Rosan2
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Re: BL35p Health LED RED

I'd suggest that the power supply is dead. It's a small part right at the back of the blade with a headsink on it.

I am constantly replacing these on BL30's and BL35's (they're basically the same server). If they aren't powered off correctly it dies, and sometimes they just die for no reason (like last week).

Almost all of my blades are out of warranty now, but since we got them we use a 3rd party company for support on them (I use them for ALL my servers as HP don't always have parts). I'm sure you'd find someone in USA that does the same sort of thing. This will give you peace of mind that your servers are covered.

The company we use here is They cover ALL my HP servers back to 10 year old 1850R's as well as Dell, mainframe's and heaps of other gear (we only use them for HP's).

They guarantee to be on-site within 2hrs with the parts required (they quite often bring the entire server just in case) and their engineer performs the hardware works (pull the server apart, replace parts etc) and then my or my staff make sure it's operating correctly when it's back up again.

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Re: BL35p Health LED RED


Thanks for replying back. One more question from your post - if we have bad power supplies (I think I know which part you are talking about on the BL35p blades) ...would that still allow the blades to have some power to show RED Health LED and an amber light on the power switch on the front panel?

I will try and see if I can pull out a power supply unit from one of our older blades (which has not been used yet) and put it on one of the RED Health LED ones and see if it works.

Thank you

PS: Hope you are staying safe and away from those bush fires.
Nathan P. Carlson
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Re: BL35p Health LED RED

Replying to an old thread here.. but we've got 32 bl35p's which were powered own for awhile, and we're trying to re-use them.. of the 32, 21(!) of them have the same symptoms - red health led, blinking "over temp" led's, and will not power up. iLO works fine. I've swapped all user-replaceable components from a working blade (including the DC filter module), and the working blade still works, the red led blade still doesn't. I'm curious if you ever found a solution to this problem?

I'm hoping this doesn't mean 21 of our motherboards magically failed.. ;)
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Re: BL35p Health LED RED

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