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BL45p Blade server, HELP!


BL45p Blade server, HELP!

Hi everyone,

I have received a second hand enclosure with 4 BL45p blades, it didn't come with any hard drives so I have purchased two but only installed one 147GB 15k Wide ultra320 SCSI drive.
I now have no idea what to do; I thought I would be able to connect using the iLO port to install an OS? But unsure how, also do I need 2 interconnects? I only have one at present...
I’m also without the local connector cable, so I can’t plug devices (keyboard+monitor etc) directly into the blades themselves, HP spares were unable to supply me with one as they could not find the part I was explaining? Any ideas?

Please help! Very lost...

Many thanks in advance,

Josh Groom
Occasional Visitor

Re: BL45p Blade server, HELP!

You have a couple options for installing on OS. If you have an image you can use the iLo and virtual media to mount the iso and a virtual cd-rom and boot to it. Another option is to use the USB cd-rom that comes with the enclosure. With that you can use standard media and install your OS like normal.

The number of interconnects you need will depend on the number of NICs in each server you are wanting to use. If you want to use just 1 nic you can get away with 1 interconnect but if you want to use 2 nics you will need to purchase an additional interconnect. There are alot of different situations depending on the number of on-board nics ,mezz cards and even if the server is a full or half height blade.
Josh Groom
Occasional Visitor

Re: BL45p Blade server, HELP!

I forgot 1 more thing. The part number of the dongle you need is HP P/N:409496-001.