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BL45p G2 Power On Issues


BL45p G2 Power On Issues

We have a BL45p G2 that is having issues powering on. It was powered down a week or so ago and would not power up. THe red light came on and when we tried a manual override the red light flashed 3 times then stayed off. This resulted in the system board being replaced. All was fine until we noticed the HBA running at 1GB not the correct 2GB. We recieved a replacement HBA from our supplier and went to fit it.

When we put the server back in to the enclosure it did not auto start. After a number of minutes we pressed the power button and the server powered up, however looking at the Ilo remote console showed the indication "No Video" and whilst the green light was on. the server did not start to post. We did get it to boot, but only with the HBA removed. Not much use.

We got the following message in the IML

Server Blade Enclosure Inadequate Power To Power On: Not Enough Power

So we removed a couple of server, yet still got this error.

Also interestingly though i can get on to the Ilo, from rack view the server is not actually listed. I'm wondering if there is some Ilo/Rack communication issue that is causing this. I know the Ilo asks the rack for power, so if the Ilo can't speak to the rack then would there be an issue?
Ken Henault
Honored Contributor

Re: BL45p G2 Power On Issues

I think your new motherboard is bad too. Have them swap it again.
Ken Henault
Infrastructure Architect

Re: BL45p G2 Power On Issues

They are replacing the secondary board now....
Chris Rosan2
Frequent Advisor

Re: BL45p G2 Power On Issues

Please refer to my responses on this forum thread:


What you're seeing is the same thing i see when this happens (what i describe about the failed part).

Also, make sure that the firmware on your enclosures & power enclosure is up to date.