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BL460C power connector pinouts

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BL460C power connector pinouts



I have a bunch of non-working BL460C blades and my tech who is looking at these says he needs the pinouts for the main enclosure connector for the power requirements specs.


But I have looked in all the manuals and I cannot find it.


Can anyone help?



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Re: BL460C power connector pinouts

My understanding is all components inside the c7000 use 12v DC

So you have 4 main power pins coming into each blade, but I don't know off hand which are + or -


Closest I can get you via Public info is these 2 docs:


The second doc has a picture of the power plane inside the c7000 and seems to imply only 2 pins per blade slot, but I don't know if thats accurate or not.

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Re: BL460C power connector pinouts

For the long 2.4kW PSU (i.e. 499243), the +12V rails are on the left when the PSU is resting with the flat back HVAC base down, and the 0V rails are on the right (there are 4 of each, and each 4 share the same electrical connection)