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I am setting up a new c3000 blade system and a bl460c. I wanted to see if I pulled out a hard disk (it has two in a mirrored RAID configuration)if the OA would report a drive\array alert - it did NOT. But i did see this line in the IML (in ILO): Caution POST Message 10/28/2008 16:29 10/28/2008 16:29 1 POST Error: 1784-Drive Array Drive Failure.

Should this not be reported by the OA as a critical error? The server is running ESX 3.5 - would I need to load the Mgt. Agents if I only plan on using the OA for error reporting.

Thanks for your help?
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Re: BL460c\C3000\Alert

No, this will not be reported by the OA.

Yes, you must install the mgmt agents on the esx.

Then, if you want alerts forwarded to your mail box (and possibly to HP), you will need insight manager
kris rombauts
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Re: BL460c\C3000\Alert

The OA monitors the health of the blade enclosure but does not drill down into the blade management itself, for that (as explained in previous reply) you need to load the Insight Management agents for the Operating System that runs on that blade.