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BL460c G6 Boot from SAN

Regular Advisor

BL460c G6 Boot from SAN

Can any one help?
I'm trying to build a win 2003 R2 server and boot from SAN.

My host is BL460c G6 with virtual connect. My HBA's are Qlogic QMH2462.
The VC is configured to use Virtual Connect assigned WWN and the HBA bios is enabled.

I specify a third party driver during the windows install and have used a number of different version s of the boot from san driver but every time the setup can't see any hard disks.

I apologise for re submitting this question. I had posted it in the storage section as I thought it was down to the array i was using (XP20K) but I get the same problem on EVA.

Any help would be appreciated.
Vincent Berger
Valued Contributor

Re: BL460c G6 Boot from SAN

Does the QLogic BIOS see the disk ?
Do you have SP2 slipstreamed into your Windows 2003 R2 CD ? You need it. The original Windows 2003 R2 only had SP1 included.

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Re: BL460c G6 Boot from SAN

Hi Vincent,
Yes the bios see's the lun ok. SP2 is in the ISO.
This is a strange one, I managed to get one machine working. It turns out I was using the wrong driver (DOH!!!). The G6 servers use a QMH2562 HBA and not a QMH2462 as I had been working with on some other servers.
When I used the correct dirver I was able to install the OS ok on one machine But I still Have the problem on the other.

Thanks for your reply anyway.
Honored Contributor

Re: BL460c G6 Boot from SAN

Have You specified the boot paths in VC profile for the server ?

Have You specified "windows mode" for the LUN presented from EVA?
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Re: BL460c G6 Boot from SAN

Yip, VC path and host mode is set. I can install windows 2008 with out any problems, so it seems to me to be a windows 2003 issue.