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BL460c ILO2 factory default

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Lars Bo Heuser
Frequent Advisor

BL460c ILO2 factory default


I made a stupid mistake and reset ILO2 on one of my blades to factory default. Now I can't contact it anymore through OA in my C7000...

Firefox gives me an error and inform me the following (badly translated from danish):

"You have received an unvalid certificate. Contact your serveradministrator... and inform him:

Your certificate contains identical serialnumber as another certificate granted from the same CA. Obtain another certificate with a unique serialnumber.

(errorcode: sec_error_reused_issuer_and_serial)"

... or something like that.

Can anyone please help me out?

Honored Contributor

Re: BL460c ILO2 factory default

Use IE =) No seriously, browser complains about untrusted cert which ILO has generated to itself, I remember that ILO will generate cert in every ILO boot.

Firefox is so "secure" that it won't let you pass with two certs with same SN. Try to clear your certificate cache or what ever it's called.
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Lars Bo Heuser
Frequent Advisor

Re: BL460c ILO2 factory default