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BL460c Memory configuration

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BL460c Memory configuration


We have a HP ProLiant BL460c G1 X5355 2G 1P Svr. We want to add additional memory to it, but when we do it cannot see all the memory.

For example we want to have 10GB of memory.

This is made up of 2 by 4GB memory option (2 by 2GB DIMMS) and the 2GB (2 by 1GB DIMMs) integrated memory. 6 DIMMs in total.

We have populated the memory slots:-

1A - 2GB
2C - 2GB
3A - 2GB
4C - 2GB
5B - 1GB
6D - Empty
7B - 1GB
8D - Empty

i.e. 10GB of memory, but only 8GB is visible from the BIOS.

Is there a difference between the memory that goes into slots 1A, 3A and the other slots?

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Re: BL460c Memory configuration

what OS are you going to run, i'm guessing a 64 bit one?

Does the server spec say it supports 10 gigs?
ernst limbrunner
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Re: BL460c Memory configuration

hi andrew

there is a rule:

dual ranked dimms must be installe din the lower numbered slots (bank a and b in your case)

look at the label on the dimms - nnn 1R nnnnnn indicates a single ranked dimm and nnn 2R nnnnnn indicats a single ranked dimm. (nnn can be anything)

also check your operating system. some only support only 8 GB.

best regards

please give me direct feedback under when this solved your problem.

Re: BL460c Memory configuration

try adding the /PAE switch to your boot.ini for some reason these blades require it before they will see memory beyond 3.15G no matter what OS you are using.
FYI 2003 standard will only ever see up to 4G so I am also assuming you are running either 64bit or a version other than 2003 standard