BL460c Teaming

Leigh Jamieson
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BL460c Teaming

We have teamed 2 Nics on 5 seperate blades; However on all the blades we are getting the blades alternating intermittently between OK and degraded. Is this a problem?
With one of the blades we are also
getting a message saying that -

"TCP Offload Engine
Receive-side scaling

Incompatible or not supported by adapters"

The only difference between the blades is that this one had Enterprise
installed the other four had standard builds.
Also this blade sees all six interconnect cards at the back, the four with
standard build only see four interconnect cards. Are either of these matters
to do with the type of build and are they an issue
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Re: BL460c Teaming

Is it Windows 2003 or 2008, can you attach the following files:

From OA, go to configuration scripts, and then "Click here.."

From Windows Command prompt, type: hpnetsvy >filename.txt

The teaming behavior doest look normal, it most likely means that team members are not getting the hearbeat frame that is sent between team members. The second message its related to NIC settings and MS SNP. Those files will give us more info.

Regarding the last statement, I dont really understand your statement, Does Interconnect card means the interconnect module on the rear of the enclosure???

Leigh Jamieson
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Re: BL460c Teaming

Unfortunately entering -
hpnetsvy>filename.txt in the windows command field only returns cannot find file?

Interconnect cards are the cards at the back .