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BL460c WDS NIC drvier


BL460c WDS NIC drvier

I'm trying to use my WDS server in order to manage BL460c blades OS deployment.

Simply PXE-booting a BL460c, WDS is reached and the WinPE environment is booted. But then an error shows, saying the network driver is not present in the current WinPE.

I read Microsoft instructions about how to add a driver to the Boot.wim file which contains the WinPE environment used by WDS (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/923834/en-us
but could not find the right driver...

Drivers from HP site fail the test of manually load them in WinPe and see if network works (drvload + wpeutil initializenetwork).

The one I found passing this test is a RIS-dedicated driver on the Broadcom site. But this one can't be injected in the boot.wim file.

Any other driver I can try?


ps. network card is Broadcom Nextreme II, ID 16AC


Re: BL460c WDS NIC drvier

At last, the injecting worked if making it from a WS2008 machine...
(it uses the AIK set of tools which maybe like better WS2008 and Vista...).

Apart of this, I really think HP should make the WDS(RIS) driver of this network card availble for download on its site - I was lucky to find it on the Broadcom one, but this NIC is HP-branded....

This driver is the only one working on WDS, none of the ones downloadable from the HP site is.