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BL460c doesn't power on

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BL460c doesn't power on

I updated two bl460c ProLiant BL460c G1

the ILO was lower than 1.77 (1.60 I guess)

I used the firmware CD 8.70

After this update, one of the two servers cannot be powered on. (the second works fine)
the power on light is amber and never turn to green.

I have 5 powersupplies, two bl460c G1 and two bl460c G6 and a C3000.

the Onboard Administrator mark the device as unknown with the red cross.

I tried to remove all non necessary devices (daughter boars, raid card, disks)

I don't know what to do...
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Re: BL460c doesn't power on

1) can you show what OA writes in logs?
2) what version of OA do you have?

Re: BL460c doesn't power on

here is a part of the OA's log

Apr 12 20:04:39 OA: Blade inserted in bay 7
Apr 12 20:04:39 OA: Blade in bay #7 status changed to OK
Apr 12 20:08:21 OA: Management Processor on Blade 7 appears unresponsive.
Apr 12 20:08:51 OA: Blade 7 has been allocated a default power value of 509W because iLO appears unresponsive.

the OA FW version is 3.0

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Re: BL460c doesn't power on

Well... According logs, iLO is dead after upgrade... You can play with downgrade of OA versions, but i really don't recommend you to do this. All i can say: call to HP's service, if your server is under support (you can check this by opening a case) and they'll change it.

Re: BL460c doesn't power on

OK, thanks, I'll phone to the callcenter.


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Re: BL460c doesn't power on

You can also check warranty here: http://www13.itrc.hp.com/service/mcm/homepageRequest.do

and it's more handy to attach logs there.