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BL465 G7 BIOS flash failure

Adrian Graham_1
Regular Advisor

BL465 G7 BIOS flash failure

Hi folks,


In building a full C7000 with BL465 G7 blades I've come across 3 of them that won't update their BIOS (SP53977.exe, May 2011). Either using a USB stick or ISO image via virtual media the update will start and fail within seconds simply displaying 'Flash Programming Failed!'


The blades are fine otherwise, I've also tried switching to the backup ROM. Is there a security setting somewhere that write-protects the BIOS? Even googling turns up nothing.


Cheers all,



Jimmy Vance

Re: BL465 G7 BIOS flash failure

You can lock the BIOS, but when flashing you'll get a message that it's locked. I don't remeber which switch locks it, look at the information on the case cover. If you haven't tried already, plug the USB key into the internal USB connector and see if you can flash to ROM


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Adrian Graham_1
Regular Advisor

Re: BL465 G7 BIOS flash failure

Hi Jimmy,


Some testing showed that if you disable the iLO security with SW1 on the main DIP pack the update will work. I've been through the iLO security settings and can't find a reason why this is the case! The other 13 blades are fine.







kent as
Occasional Advisor

Re: BL465 G7 BIOS flash failure

Thank you Adrian!


I experienced the very same problem on one of mine BL465cG7. Temporally setting SW1 to on solved my problem.



Valued Contributor

Re: BL465 G7 BIOS flash failure



this is a known bug / issue by HP and there is a permanent fix available (at the moment only online update --> so installed OS needed!):


So when you do the temporary workaround with switching the security override switch, you will experience the problem later with next BIOS update...

When you're experiencing this bug it can be that you also can't update other firmware (like ilo firmware or smart array controller firmware)...