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BL620c G7 powering off on reboot

Gerardo Arceri
Trusted Contributor

BL620c G7 powering off on reboot

We are cerifying the BL620c G7 for general deployment on our environment.
While testing RHEL 5 and Vmware 4.1 we noticed that if we issue a reboot (shutdown -r) command from the OS, the server gets powered off, requiring manual intervention from the ILO to turn it on again.
The led on the OA turns yellow like when the servers are powered down.
This is very upsetting since it requires accessing the ILO in order to restore the servers.

We are seeing the same behaviour on our two test units, they are all running the latest BIOS (02/19/2011) and ILO3 Firmware (1.20). The OAs are running FW 3.21.
Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: BL620c G7 powering off on reboot


What is set in BIOS on the blades that relate to this?
Gerardo Arceri
Trusted Contributor

Re: BL620c G7 powering off on reboot

HP Power Profile: Balanced Power and Perf.
HP Power Regulator: HP Dynamic Power Savings Mode
In Advanced Power Options i have:

Minimun Processor Idle Power State: C1E
Maximum Memeory Bus Freq: Auto
PCI Express Gen 2.0 Support: Auto
Dynamic Power Savings Mode Response: Fast
Collaborative Power Control: Enabled
DIMM Idle Power Savings Mode: Enabled.

This Server has two mezzanine cards:
1x Qlogic QMH2462 4GB FC HBA
1x HP NC325m PCIe Quad Port 1GB Adapter

Jimmy Vance

Re: BL620c G7 powering off on reboot

how does the sytem react if you do
an "init 6"

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Proliant VMS San Mgrs
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Re: BL620c G7 powering off on reboot


We had one Bl460c G1 blade that would sometimes power itself off during a restart. The OA did not show anything wrong, but it could not be restarted.

I had to go into the data server room, and lie down on the floor to access the Insight (LCD) panel. Nothing ueseful. Then, I heard a very quiet beep every five seconds.

I gazed upwards to the wayward blade, and there was a tiny, nearly-invisible red "heart" symbol which was lit. I called HP support. All that was needed was to "reseat the blade". WTF? We bought this blade chassis so it could be managed remotely. But, no sign of trouble on any remote tool; nada.

After this happened, oh, maybe the fifth time, I had good luck, and it happened to our field serivce guy who got struck by this lightning during a firmware upgrade marathon.

The blade was (eventually) replaced. HP actually built an identical, new blade to match the sick one, and let us have it for a while until all the VMs were migrated off of the old, failed blade.

I didn't mention the number of times the various components on the failed blade were replaced; the symptom never went away, but it only happened maybe once very 10 restarts.


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Gerardo Arceri
Trusted Contributor

Re: BL620c G7 powering off on reboot

These two blades have been reinserted multiple times and the issue persists. i can't notice any red health lights or beeps..