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BL680c server hangs

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BL680c server hangs

Hello All
I've a strange problem with one of my blades server bl680c g5. Its getting hung every now and then with blue screen. I've run the diagonistic on the server but its not reporting any error with hardware. In the IML logs following error is being reported everytime i've to force the server to shutdown and boot it again.
Failed Unknown 12/31/2009 13:44 12/31/2009 13:44 1 Unknown - Class: 20 - Code: 3
Caution POST 12/31/2009 13:59 12/31/2009 13:59 1 Post Error - Message: A Critical Error occurred prior to this power-up - Error: 183

Anybody faced problem like this before. Any help on this is highly appreciated.
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Re: BL680c server hangs

Try the usual way.

-update latest firmwares,BIOS, etc..
- if no help --> new mainboard from HP
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kris rombauts
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Re: BL680c server hangs


seems you have this issue since a while, as far as the log shows it's been there since early October 2009 but probably before.

If updating your blade's firmware and Windows drivers does not resolve this, it would be good to let someone analyze the memory dump as this might well be a device driver issue.

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Re: BL680c server hangs

unknown errors on a c class , can well mean that the oa and firmwares are not according to the matrix..

look at the compatibility tab here

post show all here i will look at it
and sys log from oa too

and ilo iml log of that blade

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