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BL685c G7 server hangs after reboot

Tomas Moravcik
Occasional Advisor

BL685c G7 server hangs after reboot



we are using BL685c G7 servers in our production environment. Lately one of these servers needed to be rebooted. The server went down without any issue, but never started booting again. The ILO console went just black showing no sign of activity, power led was green (ON) and IML did not show any errors.


The only thing which helped to start the server again was to power if off completely, wait a couple of minutes and then power it back on. The server will boot normally producing no errors.


Trying to solve it, I have updated all the components with latest firmware, but wasn't successful with BIOS (System Board). By flashing it outputs the following error:


Flash Engine Version: Linux-4.4.1-1

Name: Online ROM Flash Component for Linux - HP ProLiant BL685c G7 (A20) Servers
New Version: 03/19/2012

Current Version: 12/11/2011

The software is installed but is not up to date.

Do you want to upgrade the software to a newer version (y/n) ?y

Flash in progress do not interrupt or your system may become unusable.
Can't execute the Program table

The installation procedure did not complete successfully.
An error occurred during the setup process.

You may look at the setup log file for more details if desired


I attached the error log. At the end it shows this error:


CFlashTable Error: Can't execute the Program table
CFwFlash Error: Can't execute the Program table


In one thread on this forum I found that this may be caused by CPLD which could be fixed by a newer version of it (version 15). The thread provided a link for downloading this patch. Unfortunately it only covered BL465c G7 server series. I searched for a BL685c G7 version but did not find any.


Have you experienced such error on BL685c G7 server series? How did you solve it?


Thank you,



Jan Soska
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Re: BL685c G7 server hangs after reboot

Hello Tomas,

you issue is interesting. We have couple of BL685c and BL465c G7 and I am sure we had "Can't execute the Program table" on 465c's, after updating CPLD according bios update went smoothly. But I do not remember how it was in 685c's... (my shame :) ).

My sugestions:

a) try to update your bios "per partes". Start with one step newer version 2011.12.29 (A), then 2011.12.31 (A) and finally current 2012.03.19 (A). If doesn't help, try CPLD firmware anyway, if it really can't be used on 685c's it shoul stop during upgrade.

b) contact HP support oficially, probably there is CPLD firmware for 685c G7 which is not public...


anyway - you original problem was solved already by updating other server components or still persists?


Jan Soska


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Re: BL685c G7 server hangs after reboot

Hi Tomas,

I've having EXACTLY the same issue you described.  I have one BL685c G7 which has this issue.

 I tried booting from a SSP ISO to update firmware and all updated except the BIOS.

Were you able to find a solution?



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Re: BL685c G7 server hangs after reboot



with the BL465c G7 problem, there was also a system maintenance switch on the mainboard which you could change (before the CPLD Fix was released, this was a workaround to update the BIOS).

But since this was only a temporary workaround (and you'd have to do this everytime again you wanted to upgrade the BIOS) you should open a case at HP!




Tomas Moravcik
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Re: BL685c G7 server hangs after reboot


just wanted to post a "solution" to this topic. The problem was solved by replacing the system board. I opened a ticket, did couple of tests, posted logs, but nothing worked towards healing the server. In the meantime I discovered one more server with the same issue, so I am replacing the board as well.

Dennis Handly
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Re: BL685c G7 server hangs after reboot

>just wanted to post a "solution" to this topic.


You might to click on the Accept as Solution button.