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BL685c with Additional Mezzanine NIC!


BL685c with Additional Mezzanine NIC!


I have installed HP NC326m Dula Port Mezzanine Option NIC onto a BL685c server, but the problem is i cannot get this to link into the switches!

In Onboard Administrator it shows them in the Interconnect Bays, and i have ESX loaded on the Blade and in there is says it can see 6 NICs in total (4 onboard and 2 extra), but the 2 extra one are shown as link down.

Can anybody tell me if there is any configuration required for this as i assumed this should just plug in and thats it! I am wanting to use these 2 extra cards for my ESX configuration.

If somebody can please advise me on what to do will be much appreciated!!!

Neal Bowman
Respected Contributor

Re: BL685c with Additional Mezzanine NIC!

Do you have additional switches installed for the mezzanine adapters? Can you attached a screenshot of the port mapping for the BL585c and one showing the interconnect bays?


Re: BL685c with Additional Mezzanine NIC!


I think i may not what the issue is. I think the customer who has this issue doesnt have a switch for this additional Mezzanine Adapter, hence the reason why they cant manage it.

Although the onboard NICs are managed by the 1st pair of GBE2 Switches, the additional pair of NICs dont show up in this switch.

So, an additional pair of switches are required i guess to manage these.