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BL860ci2 11.31 install

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BL860ci2 11.31 install

Hello all,


I am having some trouble getting an install to start on a BL860ci2 in a C7000. 

I am using part number BA929-10009 to install, which appears to be 11.31.1109.

I have a monitor, keyboard and portable USB drive attached via the SUV cable to the blade.


I can get the system to boot from the media, but the first option I am presented with is to choose the installation source.  I have a list of 28 devices: NIC's, usb devices, processors, fc devices, etc...

I cant make any selection beyond this point that allows me to continue.  If I select any of the USB devices in the list, it says: "Not a valid install device, try again"


The only device that will allow me to continue with the installation is the HDD, but that gets no where because this is a cold install on a new server.


We do not have an Ignite-UX server available to install from.  I have to install from this DVD media.



Any help you can provide is grealy appreciated.



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Re: BL860ci2 11.31 install

Some additional information:


Prior to the display of boot source devices is the following WARNING: messages


Could not find Q_BOOT device.  Can not determine what the boot device was.

Coulnd not find source device in ioscan output.  You must select from the list of devices below to use for the source device.




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Re: BL860ci2 11.31 install

Not sure what the reason is, but as a workaround you can use the virtual media via iLO to install the OS.

Hope this helps!

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Re: BL860ci2 11.31 install

Yes I had to take that route.


I worked with a support technician from HP to find that the portable drive I was using was unsupported.  I was told that typically you want to use externally powered portable DVD drives.  I was using an externally powered Sony drive, but from what I have been reading or hearing from others, you want to stick with a HP portable drive.