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Bl25p G2 Memory Issue

Occasional Contributor

Bl25p G2 Memory Issue

We just received a new blade and purchased 8 2GB (PC2-5300) memory modules for it. But I just put in the memory and try to boot the blade up but it keeps resetting itself when it gets to the checking memory screen.

Anyone have any ideas why this is happening? We have the same memory in other blades?

Trusted Contributor

Re: Bl25p G2 Memory Issue

Hello Eric,

I wold suggest the best way will be to try is min configuration and trying 1 pair of memory with proc 1 installed ins slot 1 and swap proc 2 in slot 1 and so also check the memory guideline :

All DIMMs must be PC2-5300 Registered DDR2 DIMMs (667 MHz.)

Both DIMM slots in a memory bank must be populated.
Both DIMMs in a memory bank must be identical.

Processor 1 memory bank A must always be populated.

DIMM banks are active only when the corresponding processor socket is populated.

If installing only one bank on a processor, populate the bank physically farthest from the processor.

If mixing DIMM sizes on the same processor, the largest capacity DIMMs must be populated in the bank physically farthest from the processor. The smallest capacity DIMMs must be populated in the bank physically nearest the processor.
For optimal performance in most applications, populate the first memory bank for every populated processor socket.

Please check the attached doc for more help and ensure that we have the latest bios firmware


Thanks regards
Sammy :)