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Blade Server Post Message

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Blade Server Post Message

Receiving the following post messages on Blade Server (ProLiant BL460c G1). Seems to be a disk array issue. Any idea on resolution

POST Message 10/11/2010 15:07 10/11/2010 15:07 1 POST Error: 1787-Drive Array Operating in Interim Recovery Mode
POST Message 10/11/2010 15:12 10/11/2010 15:12 1 POST Error: 1786-Drive Array Recovery Needed
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Re: Blade Server Post Message

You have one hard drive failed / removed from RAID1 array.

Replace the faulty one.
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Re: Blade Server Post Message

How do i know which one of the hard disks has failed?
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Re: Blade Server Post Message

By Logging into Array Configuration utility u can find which drive slot is degraded.

If you have a windows on that blade. Try using HP Array Configuration utility it is a GUI and will be installed along with the Proliant Support Pack. If it is not installed you can download from HP and can able to findout which one is failed.

More over you can also physically observr the LED status on the Disk Failed. You may notice AMBER LED on that HDD.

Re: Blade Server Post Message

What if you have this problem when trying to install an OS to a previously perfectly running blade?

I have no OS running so i have no means to check and the SPP and/or Smart Start don't work so i can't use any of them to check either...


Could the 1787-error still be a faulty drive?

Jimmy Vance

Re: Blade Server Post Message

You are posting against thread that is about 3 years old, usually better to start a new thread. 


What model blade server are you working with? More detail on why you can't run SmartStart.  You should be able to run the Array Diagnostics Utility from SmartStart (or Intelligent Provisioning if it is a Gen 8 blade) to get the heath status of your disks.

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