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Blade System Management


Blade System Management

I am looking for a management tool to upgrade all my OA, Blade Bios, VC Firmware on all my blades from G6-G8 models, BL460, BL490, WS460, WS490 Blades. I have about 200 blades and want to implement a solution so I wont go one by one to do upgrades. All the blades are in c7000/c7000 G2 Chassis.


I was looking into OneView but from the looks it wont support any of my G6 models.


Any ideas?





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Re: Blade System Management

Hi Matt,


Correct, Oneview does not support G6 generation of Proliant Servers. Oneview is build to utilise and support all the new features of the current Gen8 and select G7 servers.


However if it is primarily to keep your servers up-to-date with drivers and firmware and so on, I suggest to take a look at HP SUM Smart Update Manager.!tab=features


The latest version 6.x has the same look&feel as Oneview already and will make your life really easy to keep your infra up2date. It supports all your blade enclosures and components inside the blade enclosure.





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