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Blade Virtualization

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Blade Virtualization

Does any body know if the HP Blade Systems are capable of virtualization across systems, I mean, if I have 4 blades, I would like to merge them to just one big server through virtualization. IBM and DELL are capable to, but I cannot find any information regarding this in HP.

Any help will be very valuable.

Thanks in advance,
Navaneeda Kumar
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Re: Blade Virtualization


I am also looking for the Same Solution.
Using VMWARE How to achive this ???

is anyone can help me out in this ???

Ivan Ferreira
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Re: Blade Virtualization

You cannot use VMWARE to "join" differents machines into one big machine. I think that a good usage of Vmware is to have two or more virtual machines on a server (not too small server) and use Vmotion to move "online" one virtual server to another physical server.

About "joining" blade servers, I already set the notification for this thopic because I also want to know.
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Re: Blade Virtualization


There are virtualization products that may allow you to use those blades as if they were one system. DataSynapse ( and PolyServe ( come to mind, but I have not use either product. As was mentioned; VMware's ESX Server product could be installed on each of the blades and would allow you to host multiple (including clustered) virtual machines on the individual blades, but it sounds as if you want all of the resources from the blades dedicated to one platform.

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Re: Blade Virtualization

dears hello

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Ramy S. Madbouly