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Re: Blade enclosure not powering up when oa unavailable

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Re: Blade enclosure not powering up when oa unavailable

Unfortunately there is no option to get older logs. So we just don't have any log info that might help us figure out what happened.

If you have any issues in the future related to Virtual Connect, (1) check the VC log and (2) save the Virtual Connect Support file within 24 hours of the incident. This is a binary file available from the TOOLS pull-down menu in VCM (Virtual Connect Manager). It can be sent to HP for analysis. This bin file includes the VC System Log, so that does not have to be saved separately.
Summary: The 2 text logs you can view are the OA System Log and the VC System Log. When engaging HP for help, we want the OA inventory report (from Configuration Scripts) as well as the VC Support bin file.

One thing to check (hopefully before you have trouble) is to sync the date & timestamps on blades & all switches if possible. Then if you need log analysis one of the first things to double-check is if the OA & blade time is the same as the Ethernet & FC switches (including those outside of the c-class enclosure itself).

Re: Blade enclosure not powering up when oa unavailable

I feel kind of stupid because I only checked the OA logs. I do have the VC log from that period. I have run the "Export support information" and have enclosed the resulting file. It started happening on October 23rd and was finally resolved the day after.

I will very much appreciate it if you can have a look at the file and see if you in any way can figure out what happened and let me know what we might do to avoid, if possible, this happening again in the future.

Thanks in advance.