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BladeSystem enclosure order of power-down during a failure.

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BladeSystem enclosure order of power-down during a failure.

Dae-Yong had a power supply failure question:




Simple question here.

Is there any order of blade power-down (ex. 16 bays fully populated by BL460G7 ) by insufficient power, in case of four or five power supplys failure in C7000 enclosure?

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From Anton:

I had the same question recently – is there an algorithm or a predefined behavior?

I.e. you have 10 blades using 5+kW power and you have 3PSUs in non-redundant mode….what happens when 1 or 2 PSUs fail?  2 PSUs left can’t supply the 5kw so which blades will be turned off?


Reply from Monty:

Only minor rewording , "the ENTIRE enclosure will shut down if the power demand is higher than can be satisfied with the remaining power supplies."  The Onboard Administrator modules do not have any algorithm or policy to shut down servers.  The active OA will show that the power supply subsystem is failed – due to insufficient power capacity, but continue to operate the enclosure if the load can be handled by the remaining supplies.  If the power supplies cannot sustain the load, the entire enclosure will “brown-out” – meaning the power supply output voltage drops way below 12V and servers, interconnects, fans, and OA modules lose power.  When power is restored, there is either a timed power on sequence using the enclosure power delay configuration or an automatic power on sequence for restoring power – up to the power capacity of the power supplies that have good AC inputs.