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Blades not seeing SAN

Gordon Ross_2
Occasional Contributor

Blades not seeing SAN

I've got a DL465 blade, with a QLogic Mezzanine card, and a Virtual Connect 4GB Fibre Channel module in a c7000 chasis. All of these are on the latest firmware.

In the server profile, the blade is connected to the virtual connect module.

The virtual connect module is connected to a McData 2Gb/s Fibre Channel switch (which then connects to an EMC Clariion) The McData switch has a zone configured to allow the port the V/C module is plugged into, to talk to the EMC.

I get a basic physical connection from the V/C module to the McData switch (Link lights, and the switch reports the port online in "F_Port" mode), however, the EMC & Server do not see each other.

Looking at the McData, the device it sees connected to the port has a WWN starting "20:00:00:15", whereas the Mezzanine card has a WWN starting "50:01:10:a0" I'm guessing that the McData is seeing the WWN of the V/C module, rather than the Mezzanine card..

Can anyone point me in a direction to get my blade talking to my SAN ?


Honored Contributor

Re: Blades not seeing SAN

Do you have NPIV licensed and configured on your McData SAN switch? NPIV is a requirement when using VC-Fibre Channel.

That is the first thing that I would check.

Also, I assume your VC-Fibre Channel is at fw version 1.10.

What version of FOS are you running on the McData? The release notes are here (for some reason the link was down when I sent this) In the release notes there is a compatibility matrix for fibre channel: