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Bladesystem networking question

Occasional Contributor

Bladesystem networking question

I currently have a c7000 chassis with a few bl460c servers, we are thinking about opting for a blade switch (6120xg) over the 1gb pass thru module.


using the onboard 10gb nics on the blade servers, I can connect right up to the switch downlink ports without any addiditonal mez cards, correct?


I'm wanting to do all vsphere traffic over the 2 onboard 10gb nics.



Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: Bladesystem networking question


regarding your question - you can use onboard NIC's without any mezzanine cards under 1 condition - you will but 6120xg switches in 1st (and 2nd if you want redundacy) rear interconnect slot of blade chasis. I assume now it is empty in your case, so it should't be a problem.

Anyway, please check Interconnect bay mapping at