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Boot .iso file image from USB key in bladesystems

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Boot .iso file image from USB key in bladesystems

Hi ITRC ISS Bladesystem experts,

I know ISS ProLiant servers can provide boot .iso image (such as Smart Start CD or ProLiant Firmware Maintenance CD convert to USB Thumb driver because HP provide a USB Key utility for Windows).

I have tried and successes on one DL360 G5 server.

But how about Bladesystems ? Follow on attached OA firmware 2.31 enhancement description(first pdf file), it should be supported on c-class bladesystem now.

I try on an c3000 bladesystems and upgrade OA firmware to the latest 2.31 version but is seems unable to work. Because there is no way to connect the specific server blade to USB key, the USB menu setting on OA insight display still support OA firmware update only.

Can somebody double confirm the boot .ios from USB key function support both c3000 and c7000 bladesystem or support c7000 bladesystem only ?

If c3000 bladesystems can support too, how should I do ?

Best Regards,
The Brit
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Re: Boot .iso file image from USB key in bladesystems

I dont know if this would work, but you might be able to get there through vMedia.

goto iLO2 Web Management interface through your browser.

select vMedia Tab

click Launch

Put the thumb drive in your laptop usb port

when the vMedia window opens, select "Image File" and browse to the image on the thumb drive.

click connect.

It might work! What you got to lose?

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Re: Boot .iso file image from USB key in bladesystems

I have used USB boot with both smartstart and firmware maint to boot bl460c servers in both C3000 and C7000 via the kvm dongle connected to each blade. haven't tried any other method yet.

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Re: Boot .iso file image from USB key in bladesystems

The question was to use OA USB port, which should be supported on lates firmware releases.
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Re: Boot .iso file image from USB key in bladesystems

I have upgraded OA firmware vertion to the latest 2.31. Now I can boot Smart Start from USB Thumb driver via an .iso file in it. The question move forward to how can I install Windows Server 2003 .iso file from Smart Start ?

I transfer Windows Server 2003 install CD to .iso file via Sonic My DVD Plus utility provided by my HP Laptop PC and choose OS media type as CD-ROM(Because OA look USB key as CD-ROM/DVD device, it is the only one acceptable media type by Smart Start) and OS file type as flat file(There is no .iso file type in corresponding to CD-ROM media type.
So Smart Start cannot recognize is as a validated OS file.

But OA user guide indicate Windows OS .iso file is supported on USB key.

Can somebody enlight me further ?

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Re: Boot .iso file image from USB key in bladesystems

I know itâ s a really late...late reply...but I just wanted to confirm...

Having the Proliant Firmware CD image on USB is doable to be connected to Bladesystem C-class OA USB port and to be mounted to the Blade servers in the c3000 & c7000 enclosuresâ ¦.but donâ t use the HP USB Key utilityâ ¦.simply copy the ISO image of the Firmware CD to the USB stickâ ¦and from the OA web interface you will see the option to connect the servers to the ISO image fileâ ¦.as any vMediaâ ¦

Hope I am not saying really old news to any of you guys & it is useful for some of youâ ¦ï