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Boot to SAN Disk show offline

Pierre Dehombreux
Occasional Visitor

Boot to SAN Disk show offline

I have:
C7000 with ProLiant BL680c G5 inside
MSA1500CS as a SAN

Did the LUN and did selective presentation on the MSA.

Did set the BIOS on the blade to disable onboard controler.

Did set the BIOS set the Emuulex in position 1 & 2.

Did enable the HBA BIOS, set the topology to 'fabric point to point'

Configured the presented LUN as primary boot,
selected to boot device via wwpn.

When I tried to send an Altiris image, I get an error when the Rdeploy starts. The error is 'the disk read operation failed'. When I try installing windows 2008r2 manualy, the installer sees the drive (twice by the way) but it shows as offline. It retuns an error when I try to put them online with the windows setup.

I have the same setup working at one site. It won't work at 2 other sites. I have been trying to compare and look for differences but nothing... Help help help...
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Re: Boot to SAN Disk show offline

Is it running Active/Active version or Active/Passive version?

Pierre Dehombreux
Occasional Visitor

Re: Boot to SAN Disk show offline

active / passive