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Booting RHEL 4U5 from SAN

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Booting RHEL 4U5 from SAN

I am trying to boot a BL860C from a SAN EVA4100
I used the smart setup CD that came with the BL860C to configure the QMH2462(Qlogics) . I change the OS system type to be LINUX, Windows, Other.

From the Command View I can't see the WWID of the Qlogic so I added it manually.

I create the virtual disk and present to the linux host.

The san switch that I am using are the one that came with the C7000 blade enclousure.

When I try to install the OS , at the moments that look for a hard drive , say that there is no hard drive.

With proliant server was necessary to set the qlogic to become as first boot option.
How I do it in the BL860C.

Some ideas , really I am in a circle.

Here I have found a similar case.


Thank you

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Re: Booting RHEL 4U5 from SAN

I think that RHEL 4u5 does not support boot from SAN. RHEL 5 and above will work
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Re: Booting RHEL 4U5 from SAN

William, RHEL4U5 is supported for Boot-on-San. So, if you can't discovery WWN of Qlogic on the EVA (delete host previously created) it's because the EVA can't see the host.
- Maybe you don't made the zonning on the switch to present Qlogic to your EVA ?
- In the ILO interface of the Blade, use Ctrl-Q or -A to have an access at the BIOS of Qlogic card, and configure it to Enable Boot-Bios and configure Boot devices.

Also, at the first time, on the installation, it is necessary to configure only one path because RHEL4 don't have intergrated multipathing software. Install QLogic drivers with -fa option to have Failover fonctionnality in the OS. After that you can configure 4 paths.
Loïc, from AntemetA, France
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Re: Booting RHEL 4U5 from SAN

We have been trying to find out where is the Option to do a CTRL A 0r CTRL Q to enable the boot option in the qlogic , like in the Proliant Blade machines but we can't get it.

Remember this is a BL860C integrity machine.
It also have this option?

Thank you