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C-Class Gbe2c switch and PXE

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Ed Cox
Respected Contributor

C-Class Gbe2c switch and PXE

Hi ...
Does anyone know of any restrictions of what uplink ports on a GbE2c switch can be used in conjunction with PXE?

Honored Contributor

Re: C-Class Gbe2c switch and PXE


There are no restrictions. By default, all ports of a GBE2c (uplinks and downlinks) are in VLAN 1.

Also by default, c-Class servers have PXE enabled on NIC 1 which goes to I/O Bay 1. You should make sure you have an uplink from the GBE2c in I/O bay 1 out to the rest of the network if the GBE2c switches are at default config.

Obviously, If the switches are configured for different VLANs, than the uplink port you use becomes important.
Jan Mietle
Occasional Advisor

Re: C-Class Gbe2c switch and PXE

Also look out for the PXE uplink being in multiple VLANs. I've seen massive problems where multiple VLANs causes issue for DHCP requests, especially if you are using RDP. I suspect that the Linux PE loader doesn't support VLAN tagging (at least not by default).