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C-Series MDS 9124 Fabric Switch MANAGMENT PORTS

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C-Series MDS 9124 Fabric Switch MANAGMENT PORTS

hi guys,

after less than 8 hrs i have to configure the C-Series MDS 9124 Fabric Switch and an eva 4400 this is the first time for me to configure both the 4400 shouldnt be a problem i guess .

the MDS is another issue i saw it yesterday but didnt pay much attention , problem is i dont recall seeing any mngmt or console ports , are there any installed on this its an 8 port switch installed in a C7000 enclouser i only saw 8 fiber port non of the hp docs are addressing this module all of the docs on the site are pure cisco docs , if any body did a config for this module please help.

also i read on the quick specs that there is internal and external storage ports on this module any idea what these are , dose this means that the blades servers will be connectd directly or internally to this switch?

if this issue is cleared i think i can do the standard procedure to config this switch using the fabric manager ;)
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Re: C-Series MDS 9124 Fabric Switch MANAGMENT PORTS


Here You find instructions to setup the switch (and your bladesystem).

blades are connected internally to switch and the blade-enclosure will provide management IP to the switch.

If You do don't know what ebipa is You should read the c7000 enclosure setup guide too.

but after the IP is set, You can use fabric manager
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Re: C-Series MDS 9124 Fabric Switch MANAGMENT PORTS

thanks ,yeah i found the user guide 30 min after posting the forum :)