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C3000 OA does not answer anymore

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Ralf Seefeldt
Valued Contributor

C3000 OA does not answer anymore

Hi all,


One of our customers runs two c3000 enclosures with are equipped one OA each.

I can not connect to one of them by GUI or CLI. The other enclosures OA does only reply on CLI.


I'm in the favourable situation to tell our customer to solve this issue. But I would like to know for sure how this problem may be solved.

As far as I remember, a OA does not have any reset button but it would be possible to to pull the OA from the enclosure and push it back in after, sey 30 secunds. And this will not affect the running servers in any way!


Is this true and is there a good chance, that this will solve my problem?


The firmware of the OA is 3.00 Mar 19 2010 and the HW-Version is H0.


Any replys are greately appreciated.






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Re: C3000 OA does not answer anymore

Firmware 3.00 is a bit old meanwhile.

However, I would pull the OA (the fans will go high speed) and push it back after a minute, then see if it comes alive again.



But first you could try the serial port (speed 9600) if the OA answers.

Hope this helps!

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Ralf Seefeldt
Valued Contributor

Re: C3000 OA does not answer anymore

Hi Torsten,

yes, the FW is old. I'm about to prepare patching the FW of the whole installation.

Thank you for your reply.

The serial port is some 300 km away.