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C3000 enclosure - BL460c - Profile Pending

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C3000 enclosure - BL460c - Profile Pending

I have a BL460c in bay three that has repeatedly shown an error of "Profile Pending".

Reseating the blade clears the message, but it will just return within a week. Followed by the enclosure appearing as degraded.

The enclosure it's self reports "abnormally low power requirement" on a number of the blades.

The error messages themselfs seem rather benign, as all continues to work... except the reporting system apparently.
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Re: C3000 enclosure - BL460c - Profile Pending

Profile Pending is a Virtual Connect Message. It means that the Server Profile can not be applied to the Device Bay because a server is powered on in that Bay.

I would recommend updating firmware on your enclosure, OA, VC and ILOs.

There were issues with earlier versions of OA and VC firmware where you could get in to a Profile Pending state...
Adrian Clint
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Re: C3000 enclosure - BL460c - Profile Pending

Definitely agree with HEM. I had to do firmware updates to make the OA/VC/BIOS/ILO firmware all in a compatible to get rid of some profile pending problems.

While you are doing firmware updates note there are now 6 you need to review. Not all are required on the matrix or appear in the Version Control list.

Smart Array controller
NIC firmware
Power Controller Firmware (appears in driver/firmware list under "firmware")