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C3000 enclosure network setup..

Pankaj M bisht
Occasional Visitor

C3000 enclosure network setup..

Hi Experts,
I am trying to setup networking on a HP c3000 bladeserver enclosure. It has the following h/w: 3 HP Proliant BL280c G6 Blades with 2 NIC each,1 GbE2c Layer 2/3 Ethernet Blade switch..
I have installed windows server 2008 x64 one of my blades and also we have a direct internet connection through ethernet cat 5 cable. so i want to provide the public ip assigned to us one of the NIC of blades. so i am not able to understand how to do this. i am a new guy and first time configuring the blades..and wahat is port mapping plz exp[lain as well.

thanks and regards
Occasional Contributor

Re: C3000 enclosure network setup..

can you please clarify what it is you are wanting to achieve.

Are you wanting to host something like web or mail from this blade?

If so its simply a firewall configuration step required. In its simpilest form you need to setup a NAT on the firwall to point the publid IP to the IP of the blade which hosts service you want to present to the internet.

Just make sure your blade as static IP.

Disclaimer: the NAT described above does not take into account any other security concerns or configs regarding the firewall and NAT options. :-)
Occasional Contributor

Re: C3000 enclosure network setup..

The above is assuming of course your networking for the blade server/enclosure is working OK. in other words you can access the local LAN and the Internet OK.
Pankaj M bisht
Occasional Visitor

Re: C3000 enclosure network setup..

Hi Calis,
Thanks for quick reply.
actully we are hosting an exchange server 2007 in a blade, file server in another one, but in third we've installed MS forefront TMG 2010 as a firewall solution. in previous setup on TMG server there were 2 NICs one had local LAN ip and another was directly connected to the internet with public IP address. i need same setup for third blade so where should i plug the cable coming from ISP and wat else configuration i have to made.

Clarete Riana
Valued Contributor

Re: C3000 enclosure network setup..

In a blade system, the blades have different IO options either onboard or in the form of mezzanine cards. These IO options get connected internally to one of the IO interconnect modules at the back of the enclosure.
Port mapping defines these internal connections and helps you decide in placement of the Interconnect modules or the slection of the mezzanine slot in which you want to plug in a specific card in the blade.
You need to always make sure that you have the right placement of the interconnect modules and the mezzanine cards in your blade.
Please refer to the following link to find the port mapping for a C3000 enclosure( page 45 and 46). Note that the mapping differs for full height and half height blades.


In your case the placement of the two NICs that you have should be according to the port mapping rules.