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C7000 -48VDC connection

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C7000 -48VDC connection

Gil had a power connection question for -48VDC power:




Can you please tell me how many Power connections  a customer needs to prepare for  a DC connected C7K?


Under 2 scenarios:

1st  with no breaker panel in the rack

2nd with the C7K breaker panel




From John:




There are six pairs (-48VDC and return)  ~80amp power inputs on the DC input module, see picture.


In #1, the customer proves six power inputs directly to the DC input module.


In #2, the customer proves two inputs to the breaker panel (see attached QS) and purchases the power cable kit from HP (AH392A or AH393A).




Any other help for GIl? Have you used -48VDC power for c7000 chassis?