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C7000 4GB to 10GB

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C7000 4GB to 10GB




A coworker of mine left the business. So I had to deal with the blade servers :)

We have  C7000 enclosure with 8 BL460c G6 and 2 storage works blade.

I noticed we have only 4 cables patched at the rear side.

So I have a total of 4Gbit for al these Blades.

I noticed I have four GbE2c ethernet blade switches.

In theory I can patch 20xRJ45 with 1 GBIT. I think I can only get 1GB to each blade max.

I saw these switches online:438030R-B21,d.ZGU


Will I get full 10GB to each blade? with this new switch?








Re: C7000 4GB to 10GB




The link indicates that the module is HP GbE2c Layer 2/3 Ethernet Blade Switch. This a Gigabit Ethernet switch, hence each server can get only one gigabit speed. For 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch, refer to section "Related Options > HP BladeSystem c-Class Network Interconnects" in the c7000 enclosure’s QuickSpecs.






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