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C7000 AO @ Rev 2.25 What is upgrade path

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C7000 AO @ Rev 2.25 What is upgrade path


I have a C7000 which is running AO rev 2.25. Recently attempted to upgrade 1 blade (bl465cG1) from REV 1.70 and ROM (A13 11/06/2008) to REV 1.82 and ROM (A13 12/08/2009), now the blade is listed as having a critical error in iLO is not longer functions.

All other blade in the C7000 are at iLo rev 1.78 or higher and ROM (A13 05/07/2009) or higher. Outside of replacing the blade, what is the Upgrade path for a C7000 OA. As well, are there any historical docs that could affer guidence? The upgrade matrix at ( does not go back far enough.



Re: C7000 AO @ Rev 2.25 What is upgrade path

Hi There,

Please take a look at the bladesystem firmware upgrade best practices

You don't have to worry about the blade firmware update sequence when updating it through HP Smart Update Firmware DVD.

Latest HP Smart Update Firmware DVD 9.20 (B) (2 Dec 2010) (955 MB)〈=en&cc=us&mode=5&

Also check the bladesystem firmware compatibility

Hope this helps,


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