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C7000 Blade Chassis and LDAP authentication

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C7000 Blade Chassis and LDAP authentication

I have several C7000 and I have followed the guide provided for configuring LDAP but I am still unable to authenticate. The test results are as follows:

Overall Test Status Failed
Ping Directory Server Passed
Directory Server IP Address Passed
Directory Server DNS Name Not Run
Connect to Directory Server Passed
Connect using SSL Passed
Certificate of Directory Server Failed
User Authentication Passed
User Authorization Failed

The certificate information tab seems to show that I have uploaded a proper certificate:

Valid from 2009-03-17T19:22:13Z
Valid until 2011-03-17T19:22:13Z

Any insight on how to troubleshoot this would be appreciated.

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Re: C7000 Blade Chassis and LDAP authentication

The "user authentication passed" seems to indicate that the OA found the username on your LDAP server without issue. Did you already configure directory groups and if so, is the username you are testing with a member of one of these groups? Did you set the appropriate search strings in directory settings (these have to be distinguished names)?

Which OA firmware rev are you on? Prior to 2.32 I believe the OA could not traverse sub-OUs. Prior versions (not sure about newer ones) also require the directory group name in OA exactly match the name in AD.