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C7000/L685c LAN port mapping with Redhat 4.x

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JL Billman

C7000/L685c LAN port mapping with Redhat 4.x

I have looked in te C700 and BL685c doc and I am confused.

I have 3020's in the top two interconnect bays. The next two bays have fibre channel passthroughs. The bottom four interconnect bays also have 3020's.

Is there a way to determine what RedHat eth(?) port comes out on which 3020? Alternately, how do you determine which physical interface in the BL685c is assigned to what RedHat interface.
Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: C7000/L685c LAN port mapping with Redhat 4.x

We had the same issues with ESX mapping.

What I did notice was that if I uploaded the latest Broadcom Network firmware (on the HP drivers and firmware page) then the mapping became correct eg 1st Physical NIC maps to 1st NIC VMWare sees.

Otherwise you have to look at the Mapping page in the OA, note down the MACs on the NICs in order and then verify which MAP is which physical NIC in the OS.
Honored Contributor

Re: C7000/L685c LAN port mapping with Redhat 4.x

and with rhel you must specify HW address to NIC config files to make sure that ethx names stay same all the time (for example after firmware update).

So OA web GUI and port mapping is the best info. Put the correct MAC addresses to ethx config files in order you want to use them.
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